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  • Niklas Christoph Zender
  • Phillipp Kurtz
Number of locations
Number of employees
25 (2021)

Famedly is a German Platform for healthcare based on Matrix. It was founded in 2019 by 2 doctors and started with 3 Matrix Developers to drive a Matrix based solution to solve the communication issues they experienced in German healthcare. The motive seen in various presentations[1] is to remove the usage of Fax in healthcare and instead improve the adaption of modern technology for secure real time communication between healthcare parties across Germany.

It also focuses mainly on the companies side and not on the patient communications like others do. There for it also offers an integration with HL7v2, FHIR and other medical standards as well as offering a work focused client experience for its customers.

Relation to the Matrix Community

Famedly tries to keep a strong relation to the Community. This is reflected by their usage of Open Source licences in their projects, providing SDKs, and trying to make their projects open source where possible.

Additionally, the Company was initially started with 3 community members as first employee and later on also gave jobs to multiple other community members.

Relation to Gematik


  1. "Sichere Kommunikation muss nutzerorientiert sein" [Secure Communication must be user oriented]. health innovation hub (in German). Retrieved 2021-12-08. … Es war so offensichtlich, wie viel Zeit in Telefonwarteschleifen oder mit dem Auffüllen von Papier für das Faxgerät verschwendet wurde, anstatt sie in die medizinische Zusammenarbeit zu investieren.