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This page lists some things planned and missing. This is intentionally not indexed. It also may be outdated.


  • Setup Privacy Policy
    • A draft has been created, but needs review & changes
  • Setup Disclaimers
  • Setup Terms of Use
  • Add Pages to document process of adding pages
  • Setup welcome message
  • Write the privacy page (Mib started work at Miki - Matrix Wiki:Draft:Privacy Policy)
    • Mention that matomo is used, but it doesnt set any tracking cookie
  • Write an extension allowing the page admins to trigger a page wide notification (useful for TOS changes)



  • Make work on TWIM episodes easier
    • Extract TWIM audio & annotate
    • Train Speech-To-Text model on TWIM audio
  • Make some templates
    • Company template
    • Client template
    • TWIM episode template
    • Guide template
  • Relax the New Article Wizard wording
    • Clarify that due to the age there may be no citations and that this should be a best effort.
    • Clarify that an MSC should also be allowed as a citation, as it is a formal document.
    • Clarify that the wiki data is licensed under public domain by default
    • Clarify that a COI has to be declared if you work at the company you write about or project you write about
    • Clarify that for the most part wikipedia rules apply


  • TWIM posts
  • Matrix-live
    • Make code public
    • Make deployment files
    • CI


  • Post a TWIM entry to publish this