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  • For pages that link to a large number of disambiguation pages (at least 7, the threshold as of September 2015), place {{Dablinks|date=August 2022}} at the top of the main page to alert readers.
  • In some circumstances, it may be useful to add a new item to the talk page explaining the type and extent of cleanup required so that editors will know what to address and when to remove this tag.


Dablinks has up to ten optional, unnamed parameters that may be used to indicate the links in the article which need attention. Example:

{{Dablinks|John Smith|John Brown|Mary Jones}}

This will provide a bulletized list of these links, along with brief instructions in the Dablinks output in a default-collapsed section. Click [show] to view the list. Output for this example:

The optional links are displayed when the template is expanded. You may enter more than ten if desired, but only the first ten will be displayed.


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  • PetScan sample run – find what dablinks are present in this template (open link in new window, if no results with simple click)

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