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Display one topic table row, for given language name, topic code, and topic name.


{{EL table row/topic|Language Name|topic code|topic name}}


There are three positional parameters, all required:

  • |1= ⟶ language name (e.g., French, Croatian, etc.)
  • |2= ⟶ topic code – any of: bio, cult, geo, gov, hist, mil, sci, sport, struct, tech, or transp.
  • |3= ⟶ topic name – expansion of topic code; e.g., bio ⇨ "Biography"; gov ⇨ "Government and politics"


These examples are embedded in minimal table markup in order to demonstrate the appearance of the row in a table context:

  • {{EL table row/topic|French|mil|Military}}
  • {{EL table row/topic|German|gov|Government and politics}}

Note on expensive parser functions

This template uses one expensive parser function call.