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For use on professional wrestling related articles with excessive amounts of storyline or Kayfabe information, outside of the Manual of style. Professional Wrestling is scripted combat events; and as such certain sections of an article would require information relating to Kayfabe. For more information, see the Style Guide. Please place the Kayfabe tag on articles/sections that are written mostly, or entirely in-universe, or kayfabe.

Add the following wikicode to the article:

{{Kayfabe|date=August 2022}}

Adding |serious=yes will add an additional line suggesting that the article may be a candidate for moving to an external Pro Wrestling wiki, and giving advice on how to do so.

Add |section=yes, or |section to specify that only a section of the article is offending.


This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:Pro Wrestling articles written in Kayfabe.

Tracking categories

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