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This template is a self-reference. This template should not be substituted.


Add this template to the topic of the "Plot" section of an article with a plot summary that is insufficient. This may be because only a token summary was ever written, or because a summary has become insufficient over time, e.g. as successive seasons of a TV show have changed the overall plot outline of the series. Another common plot summarization error in articles on TV, novel, game, etc. series is to provide the plot of the first installment in great detail as if the article were the article on that episode or book rather than about the series as a whole.

This template can and should be dated:

{{More plot|date=August 2022}}

This template can refer to a section (or another article part), instead of the default article. Do this by adding a |1= parameter (or an unnumbered one):

{{More plot|1=section|date=August 2022}}
{{More plot|paragraph|date=August 2022}}

The words "plot summary" in "needs an improved plot summary" can be replaced with something to better match the article in question, such as "Premise section". This parameter must be numbered:

{{More plot|2=Premise section|date=August 2022}}
{{More plot|1=Section|2=premise summary|date=August 2022}}

The |plural= parameter can be used to change the default text to "plot summaries" and remove the "an" before "improved":

{{More plot|plural=y|date=August 2022}}
{{More plot|1=Section|2=premise summaries|plural=y|date=August 2022}}

The |noimproved= parameter can be used to remove "an improved", in case a section is tagged at the top for lacking multiple plot summaries:

{{More plot|1=section|2=plot summaries for episodes 9–13|noimproved=y|date=August 2022}}

The template will categorize tagged articles in the proper, dated subcategory of Category:Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.

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