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Place {{Off topic|date=August 2022}} at the top of sections that seems unrelated or insufficiently related to the page's topic (if the date is omitted, bots will add it later).

If relevant, explain why on the article's talk page.

Other article

{{Off topic|date=August 2022|Foobar|talksectionheading}} will result in:

Template data

Banner template to tag sections that may be off-topic.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

11 article

The name of an article which is about the topic discussed in the off-topic section. Do not include square brackets.

Page nameoptional
22 talksection

The name of a talk page section where discussion about this issue is taking place.

Auto value

The date this tag was added. E.g., "January 2013" NOT "jan 13"

January 2013
Auto value

See also

For talk pages: