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Template:Orphan is used on pages with no incoming links from other articles or lists. The template is responsible for populating sub-categories of Category:Orphaned articles. There are currently 0 orphaned articles.

How to use

The simplest way to add this template to an article is to copy and paste either {{Orphan|date=October 2023}} or {{Orphan|{{subst:DATE}}}} at the top of the article.

  • Please do not subst: this template.

When to use

This template should only be put on articles which meet the orphan criteria.

Use your judgment about whether to add this template. Do not add this template to articles that you honestly believe will be impossible to de-orphan.


The template message is visible on all pages where the date parameter is set to either the current month or the previous month (currently October 2023 or September 2023). It is also visible on all pages where it is used inside the {{multiple issues}} template. Older-dated orphan templates used outside of the {{multiple issues}} template are invisible by default, but are still categorized. To override the default and make the message visible on all pages where it's placed, put the following line in your common.css file (create the file if you don't have one yet): <syntaxhighlight lang="css"> .ambox-Orphan{display: table !important;} </syntaxhighlight> This may not work in some older browsers - if it doesn't work, use <syntaxhighlight lang=css>.ambox-Orphan{display: block !important;}</syntaxhighlight> instead. Alternatively, to never see this tag, you could instead add to your common.css: <syntaxhighlight lang="css"> .ambox-Orphan{ display: none !important; } </syntaxhighlight> The orphan message box is invisible on this page by default. If you have correctly installed the above common.css the orphan message box is visible here.


With over 100,000 orphaned articles in the project, WikiProject Orphanage has an extreme backlog. The tags on newly created articles are visible for a month or two, in hopes that the article's creators or reviewers will tend to the issue. After a couple of months it's assumed that the WikiProject will need to take on the task, and project members use their common.css files to keep the templates visible. The community consensus is that this issue is insufficiently critical to merit notifying general readers of the issue for more than a couple of months, unless the article has {{multiple issues}}. Please review the discussions related to this on Template talk:Orphan and its archives.

Automated placement and adjustment

Several semi-automated tools and bots facilitate orphan-tagging. Some notes on tool implementation:



You may use a date parameter with this template, for example {{Orphan|date=October 2023}} to help with the categorisation of articles requiring links. If you leave it out, a bot will fill it in (but this will result in more edits and watchlist alerts, so adding the date right away is preferred).


If you have made an unsuccessful attempt to de-orphan the article, then please add the month/year of the attempt to the template, like so, {{orphan|date=Month Year|att=October 2023}}, where the |date= parameter is the date the template was originally placed on the page, and the |att= parameter is set to equal the current month and year. This places it in Category:Attempted de-orphan for that date and also hides the article message box. The "att" is an abbreviation for "attempt", as in "I attempted to de-orphan this article but failed".


If the article has no link and probably never will, but is well categorised the incat option can be used. For example, {{Orphan|date=October 2023|incat=October 2023}}

Per the discussion at template talk:Orphan/Archive 2#"Few links" template?, this parameter was, but is not currently, used in the template itself.


This is the TemplateData for this template used by TemplateWizard, VisualEditor and other tools. Click here to see a monthly parameter usage report for this template based on this TemplateData.

TemplateData for Orphan

This template should only be put on articles which meet the orphan criteria.

Template parameters


The date this template was added to the page. (Input: Monthname Year)

Auto value
De-orphan attemptatt

If you have made an unsuccessful attempt to de-orphan the article, please fill in this field to record the attempt. (Input: Monthname Year)

In Categoryincat

If the article has no link and probably never will, but is well categorised this option can be used.(Input: Monthname Year)



This template places the article into "Category:All orphaned articles" as well as "Category:Orphaned articles from {{{date}}}". If the "att" parameter is set, the article will still be in Category:All orphaned articles, but instead of placing the article into "Category:Orphaned articles from {{{date}}}" (e.g. Category:Orphaned articles from October 2023), it places it into "Category:Attempted de-orphan from {{{att}}} (e.g. Category:Attempted de-orphan from October 2023).

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