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This template can be placed at the top of dictionary-definition-style stub articles after they have been transwikied to Wiktionary.

Do not place this template on glossary articles or articles that contain glossaries. This is widely regarded as WP:POINTy, and antagonistic towards glossary editors. If an entire glossary has been transwikied for Wikitionarian purposes, you may instead wish to simply leave a note on the glossary's talk page that this has been done, and where the Wiktionary copy is (the {{Transwikied to Wiktionary}} template is good for this), in case maintainers of the version here are interested in helping maintain the Wiktionary version. Such recruitment may be helpful, as very few glossaries receive any noteworthy maintenance or improvement at Wiktionary after they have been transwikied. Please do not {{Transwikied to Wiktionary}} as a top-of-page tag on glossary talk pages, where it will just add to "tag soup" clutter.

This template will categorise tagged articles into Category:Transwiki cleanup. This template is a self-reference. This template is not useful for Wikipedia:Subst.

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