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  • {{Too few opinions|{{subst:DATE}}}}
  • {{Too few opinions|section|{{subst:DATE}}}}
  • {{Too few opinions|discuss={{TALKPAGENAME}}#section|{{subst:DATE}}}}

Do not substitute this template.


This article message box tags articles which may suffer from systemic bias by failing to include significant viewpoints. It will categorise tagged articles into Category:Articles needing more viewpoints.

This tag should only be applied to articles for which significant, non-WP:FRINGEy different perspectives are reasonably believed to exist, e.g., for many articles about political economy, but not for many articles about chemistry. Please explain your concerns promptly on the article's talk page. If you do not identify the opinions that are missing, then any editor may remove this tag.


  • The first unnamed parameter, if present, gives the type of page. It defaults to "article". Alternatives might include "list" and "category".
  • <syntaxhighlight lang="text" class="" id="" style="" inline="1">date= </syntaxhighlight> is the date the tag was added to the page.
  • <syntaxhighlight lang="text" class="" id="" style="" inline="1">discuss= </syntaxhighlight> gives the target page to wikilink the phase "discuss the issue" to. It defaults to the corresponding talk page. Useful for specifying a section anchor.


You might use this code:

{{Too few opinions|list|date=February 2010|discuss={{TALKPAGENAME}}#Too few opinions}}

which appears:

Note the use of {{TALKPAGENAME}} in the code, rather than the literal page name. This keeps the talk page name consistent even if the page is moved/renamed.

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