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This template is a wrapper for {{Very long}}


Basic usage:
{{Very long section|date=August 2022}}

nosplit parameter:
Adding |nosplit=yes (or any other value for that parameter, such as y or true) will suppress mention of splitting the material to new sub-articles, since not all content is suitable for splitting (usually because it would fail WP:Notability as a stand-alone article).


  • Section too long


This is the TemplateData for this template used by TemplateWizard, VisualEditor and other tools. Click here to see a monthly parameter usage report for this template based on this TemplateData.

TemplateData for Very long section

Use this cleanup template to indicate that a section may be too long to read and navigate comfortably.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Month and yeardate

The month and year that the template was placed (in full). "{{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}" inserts the current month and year automatically.

January 2013
Auto value
Don't suggest splittingnosplit

Enter any text here to remove "splitting content into sub-articles" from the suggested fix, if the content would not be suitable for splitting (usually because it would fail WP:NOTABILITY as a standalone article).

Auto value

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